Interior Design

If your space needs a refresh, schedule an interior decorating consultation with Olive & Home. We will work with your existing furniture that you’d like to keep, replace what isn’t working, and do a full installation of your new room when all of the products come in.

For an interior design consultation and install for one or multiple rooms, the team at Olive & Home will:

  • Provide an on-site survey
  • Measure your spaces
  • Measure any pieces of furniture you are keeping
  • Create a detailed home plan



DIY Remote Design

If you’re looking to refresh your space on a budget, or you're design savvy but just need a bit of direction, DIY design may be more fun for you. After measuring your space and your furniture, Megan and Kim will:

  • Measure your space
  • Measure your existing furniture
  • Work up a floor plan
  • Recommend furniture, rugs, art, decor ideas, and lighting
  • Suggest dimensions for each piece

From there, you are free to take our design ideas and order all pieces or just a few select pieces from Olive & Home. You can go shopping on your own for similar items.

A remote design service includes a concept board and color palette, furniture/space plan, and a detailed shopping list for your specific space. This service also includes one round of revisions. You can install your new pieces as quickly or as gradually as you want!




A full remodel may bring up some questions that require a little guidance. Choosing tile, fixtures, and countertops may leave you feeling out of your depth.

Call in the experts at Olive & Home, and have confidence that you are making wise investments in your home. Even seemingly small decisions like which direction a door opens can cost you valuable wall space that could’ve held furniture. With years of experience, these are the details you can expect Megan & Kim to think of for you.



New Construction

Even for pro builders, having someone who can relieve the burden of style decisions can be a worthwhile investment. Whether your family is finally building your dream home, or you’re a contractor building an entire community, we can help.

Olive & Home will beautifully curate the design features of new homes, and work with your contractor to eliminate potential style issues for future homeowners.

We'd love to help with your next project.

Olive & Home would love to take on your next creative project in the North and East Texas areas. DIY design consultations can also be conducted remotely, from anywhere in the United States. Contact us today to discuss your interior design needs.




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